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Jean in Montana wrote this: I'm so glad you included the correct page for Toni Arts.  Easy Cleaner is one great program.  I always caution users though about the duplicate file finder... because there are some Windows files that are meant to have duplicates.  Unless you know for sure that a Windows file should not be duplicate it is best to leave them alone!
Thanks Jean, I wouldn't have thought to include that warning. I've never used the duplicate finder.

David Syme wrote: When I receive your email I go straight to the website and download the whole ezine to a word file I call interesting stuff - it has now got over 500 pages! I then go over the word file and delete what I do not want.  The problem is - have you changed your newsletter?  Some of the urls now do not highlight - I did get the little hand on some of them, including your pic and the rhino.  But some do not.  I also cannot delete your newsletter.  I used to be able to delete the parts I did not want very easily by clicking on the individual row star but it now does not work.  Have you changed it?
Thanks for writing in David. I like the way you save your "interesting stuff". I wrote back telling him I didn't know of any changes to the code that would cause that. He wrote back later saying that it was working fine again. Who knows? Windows sometimes gets funny and then fixes itself.

I contacted LastFreewareVersion's webmaster about the change to dBpowerAMP's music converter from freeware to trialware. The webmaster used the link I provided to upload a copy to their website. Now you can be assured that it will be available when you need it. I've added a link to that website at all my homepages. The LastFreewareVersion website has been one of my favorites for a long time. Go on over and see what's there. I don't think you'll be dissapointed.
Thanks mdm.
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