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 Email Clif's Email Rant
Come on people! Stop forwarding junk email to your friends and co-workers. I still get lots of email that has been forwarded two thousand times and has the email addresses of half the world in it. Stop it right now! I know a lot of you out there are not newbies anymore. If you get an email joke, funny story or a thought provoking tale that you just have to pass on to all your friends, do not forward it. I repeat, don't do it. Just copy the story and paste it into a brand new email and use the BCC address line to send it out to your many friends. BCC will make sure you aren't giving their email addresses out to all the big spammers out there. The new email will be easier to read and it won't contain all the email addresses that were in it when the last goober sent it to you. One more thing, the next time you want to send me an email that says Bill Gates is giving money away to you for forwarding an email, get some brains, or check to see if the story is true at before you send it. If you ignore this message you will be cursed with seven years of bad spam and your pc will get infected with a horrible virus that will delete all your files, so please pass it on to all your friends.

Recently published email resources and articles from Clif Notes and others. For a good laugh read this email.

Anti-Spam help site: CAUCE The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Use a "spam eating" email address to fake out the spammers: SpamhOle and SpamGourmet
Good email practices:  Email Netiquette
Using BCC send: The Sins of the Internet: Not Using BCC (hit ALT+B in Outlook Express)
Use StripMail to remove forwarding marks: Stripmail
Sending very large email attachments:
Sending an anonymous email: W3 Anonymous Remailer
Backing up email:   WheresJames OE Archiver and Winret
Make sure you spelled it right: Spell Checker for Outlook Express

Alternative to Outlook Express: Foxmail
Checking for fake mail stories: <--- important and funny (lmao reading some of these)
Examples of Scams or Virus emails: Examples of Bad Email Messages (don't get caught with a phishing scam)
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