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 Security Ad-supported software vs Adware - what's the difference?
I've always been a big fan of some programs even though they contain ads in them. In my thinking, the ads were not even noticeable after a few minutes and in many cases the program was well worth the occasional distraction. In the past, I've identified these types of programs as adware. I was wrong. They are ad-supported, not adware. Brian Livingston at Windows Secrets came up with a great definition that distinguishes between the two. With true ad-supported software there are no hidden secondary programs that load on your system to give you popup nightmares. You should know exactly what you are getting and it's up to you to determine if using the program is worth it. Ad-supported software is not adware, but it's not as nice as freeware.
Website - Tip
Quote from the website - I define adware as: A secondary computer program (1) that is installed as a result of a person using a primary, sought-out program or Web site, or the Internet in general, and (2) that generates revenue or other benefits for the promoter of the secondary program. It's the "revenue or other benefits" part that causes problems for PC users. A secondary program one that users didn't seek out can only generate benefits for its promoter if the secondary program becomes installed. Such programs, therefore, have no financial incentive to tell users about potential downsides.
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