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 Security AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall (Beta) - a new firewall from a trusted source
I recently got a tip from Chachazz at Temerc. AVG has a new product out. Naturally I rushed out to get a copy. I've used AVG free anti-virus for nearly two years now with no complaints. Now they have added a firewall to their already excellent anti-virus program. Before I installed it I made sure to completely uninstall the old AVG free and my old version of ZoneAlarm firewall. I downloaded the 16mb beta version and chose the custom install feature. I typically choose not to install the email scanner in AVG. If you use Outlook Express or any other typical email client it's a good idea to install the email scanner. If you access your email at an online webmail site, then make sure you choose the custom installation like I did. The installation proceeded perfectly and a short while later I was back on the web with a full firewall and virus protection enabled. If you have used a firewall with outbound protection, then this new AVG firewall will seem very familiar to you. I cannot say how well the firewall works but I can say that it's not giving me any problems. I just hope that AVG offers a version of the firewall for free just like they have always done for their anti-virus program. If they do that, I'm sure they will become the protection suite that the masses of freeware loving surfers love to download. Thanks for the cool tip Chachazz. I'll let everyone know when AVG releases this firewall from beta.


Last week I reviewed AVG and it's newly added firewall. No sooner than the review had gone out, I started having some problems with the firewall. It was occasionally blocking web access. I tried tweaking it but nothing seemed to help. I finally tried uninstalling it and the uninstall failed twice. Finally after reinstalling it and booting into safe mode, I was able to uninstall it properly. Below is a portion of a letter I received from Randiroo. Thanks for the information.
... finally had to uninstall AVG+fw, it was messing up too many prgms, first WinPatrol, TrayManager next, FreshDownload, then I couldn't update some Security prgms, all went to hell in a basket! Luckily I used Total Uninstall, but even then there were some reg entrys I had to delete manually. After using Add/Remove in control panel TU picked up 214 reg entries that uninstall mssed, I picked up another 33 on manual reg clean + a folder in Windows/Application Data. Whew, finally am on a reinstall of prgms that messed up.
Conclusion: AVG's firewall doesn't appear to be ready for the general public's use yet. It's a beta program and you can expect problems. I always try to give a program enough time for a good review but this time I didn't wait long enough. I apologize to anyone who had a bad time of it if they tried it based on my review. I'll try the firewall again after AVG has worked on it more.

Website - Download - Manual pdf - Freeware (not recommended at this time)

Quote from the website - With computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other forms of malicious program becoming more prevalent, the risk to your computer is amplified. To protect themselves, millions of users rely on Grisoft and its award-winning line of AVG Anti-Virus software. We are proud to announce the latest addition to the AVG product family: AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall. The firewall gives you control of communication between your computer and the world outside your computer as well as providing protection from hackers and data thieves.
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