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 Security Website A Virus From The Dead - here's a tough sucker to get rid of
A few months ago, I infected myself by installing some supposed good anti-spyware. It was bad though. Very nasty and it taught me a new trick or two for removing viruses, spyware, and trojans. You see, what happens is that there are actually two or more "bad" files running and every time you remove one, it's evil buddies start it back up again. If you try to remove the autorun entries in the registry, they detect it and put it back in. The solution was to track all the bad guys down, then boot into safe mode to remove the files and the autorun settings. I used to call these bad guys "The Evil Twins", but I found out later that it's commonly called Lazarus. If you've got a virus, spyware, or trojan problem, let me know and I'll try to help you through it. You can reach me here.
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This new virus is nicked named Lazarus, since it comes back from the dead. Since files are still on the computer that area related to the virus, this helps actually resurrect the virus from the dead. How people will delete this virus altogether is the question at hand.
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